Backpacking v. Fannypacking

While hiking around a gorge in Mainland Ecuador, we encountered a very large group of older people, obviously on a scheduled expedition.  The guide was pointing out local flora and fauna and explaining how the gorge  developed over time. My ideal way of traveling is pretty much the opposite of this. I would rather not …


Galapagos Islands

Don't drink and Snorkel. Or maybe do, hell I'm not your mom.  After a few days on Ecuador's mainland, we decided to hop over to the Galapagos Islands.  I suggest not looking out the window on your descent into the airport.  Why?  Because the airport and landing strip is so teeny tiny that you assume …

Guangzhou China: Lucille the Furball and Feline AIDS

I arrived in Guangzhou, China to stay with my brother and sister-in-law for a couple of weeks. As I'd never been to Asia, I was pretty jazzed about it at this point. The first few days were spent strolling around the city, eating delicious, sizzling dumplings, taking it all in. Besides a romp about Europe after graduating college, I had ventured neither far nor wide from my little place in the world, a midsize city in a midwest state.