Don’t Get Detained in a Chinese Airport

After an incredible weekend in Beijing (great wall, great food, great shopping), we headed back to Guangzhou. I packed my already brimming suitcase with newly acquired treasures from the Silk Market and went to the airport. In China, they scan your checked bag with you standing there, just in case anything is fishy so they …


That Dong Da Dong Dong Dong (Food in SE China)

The best way to really experience a culture? Walk a mile in a local's stomach. On my first adventure abroad, a drunken tour of Europe after college, I tended to eat the familiar, including more McDonalds than I'd care to admit. I vowed not to make the same mistake this time around, instead aiming (with only my intestines …

Guangzhou China: Lucille the Furball and Feline AIDS

I arrived in Guangzhou, China to stay with my brother and sister-in-law for a couple of weeks. As I'd never been to Asia, I was pretty jazzed about it at this point. The first few days were spent strolling around the city, eating delicious, sizzling dumplings, taking it all in. Besides a romp about Europe after graduating college, I had ventured neither far nor wide from my little place in the world, a midsize city in a midwest state.