Gettin Down in Marble Falls, AR

Oh…Dog Patch. How do I even begin to describe what the Dog Patch is? Here goes: A long time ago, there used to be a pretty cool amusement park tucked way back from the highway in Marble Falls, Arkansas. Eventually it ran out of money and attendance and fell into disrepair, until finally it was closed down. At night, rambunctious teens would sneak in and look around. One day, this dude is driving around an ATV and almost gets decapitated (for real. on fishing wire. maybe a conspiracy? Here’s where things got fuzzy). The kid sues and wins, but since the owners are out of money, he GETS THE DEED to Dog Patch, the defunct park. That kid then sells the park to this old guy Bud (who invited a spill proof dog bowl and apparently had some money to spend). And if you drive three hours south with a bunch of your friends, you can pay Bud $10 a piece to walk around Dog Patch for a few hours.

So, that’s what we did one weekend. It was odd. And kind of creepy. And really fun.

After we got the go ahead from Bud, we drove into the park and hiked around, looking at all the weird, deserted stuff.

welcome to dogpatch, y’all
just two weird statues kissing
Riverbend Music Show…none of the buildings had working electricity.
Inside the riverbend.
Old water slide surrounded by stanky, moss-covered pond

After Dog Patch, we decided to continue on exploring southern Arkansas gems – our next stop was a cave!

IMG_20150808_145601020 IMG_20150808_150449543

We also went swimming in this really low river, which was fun until fish bit you and would you scream and run like it was a shark attack.


Playing catch after the swimmin’ hole
Back at the AirBnB, just dude wrestling

DogPatch, Kathy, and the entire cast of characters we met made for a really interesting weekend away. Can’t recommend this place enough (to visit once).



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