Santorini – a Moussaka-filled Heaven on Earth

After Italy, my SIL and I parted ways and I met my man friend in Rome and hopped a late night flight to Santorini. This was my second time to the island – eight years earlier I had gone with college roommate and her boyfriend after college (international third wheel!) It was by far the best part of that trip and whenever I thought about Santorini, I had a warm image in my mind of sunny black sand beaches, cheap beers, lots of Australians and eating Moussaka every day.

This time around was no different. First thing we rented a scooter, the hands down best, cheapest and easiest way to get around the island. We rode from the chill vibe of southern Kamari to the western tip of Akrotini to see the lighthouse to the northern Fira with it’s heart bursting sunsets. We spent the first four days in Kamari acting like Greek gods, eating, drinking, swimming and walking wherever and whenever we felt like it. This place is heaven on earth.

Cheap wine! Pro tip – wine in a barrel is best consumed with a heavy dose of sprite.
Kamari Beach
Greek Salad
Get on your bikes and riiiiiiiiiide.
Pulling over to look at the beautiful Aegean Sea.
It’s windy there.

After motoring around, we were starving so we did what every tourist in 2015 does – we looked on Yelp. There was one restaurant nearby that had incredible, rave reviews. Easily recognizable from the road, there was a donkey tied up across the street and a warm, middle aged woman smiling brightly and waving you over in front. Moussaka + hot bread + cold white wine = best lunch in recent memory.

mmmmm nom nom nom.

On the way up to Fira to see the sunset, we stopped at a winery. For about twenty bucks you get to taste 12 wines, plus a bunch of snacks. With the sun starting to slip down, it is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon.

wine tasting.

If you’re heading up to Fira for the sunset, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. It took us multiple days to get the timing right, we would think we definitely had enough daylight, but found ourselves racing against the darkening sky, rolling into town right as the sun disappeared.

The last dredges of a Santorini sunset.

After the sun sets, it’s beautiful to look back towards the town, the white washed houses practically glowing against the blue sky.



2 Replies to “Santorini – a Moussaka-filled Heaven on Earth”

    1. Well, we were actually supposed to stay there the first night in Santorini and they completely messed it up – they sold out the rooms, but were still accepting reservations online. They eventually booked us a room at another hotel after hours of waiting, but it was a big headache! So if you go, make sure they really have you booked!

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