Greek Islands: Sunsets and Souvlaki

The second half of our Santorini trip was spent in Kamari beach. Our days were spent scooting around the island, lounging at the pool and hiking up to the old ruins.


One night we walked along the beach, looking for dinner. Right off the main drag was abeautiful little restaurant that served cold beers, hot meat and salty fries. Plus, we found a real dog on a fake donkey a few feet away.

they were both very well behaved
chicken souvlaki
beer, beef and the boyfrand.

The hike up to the old ruins of Santorini is winding and windy as hell. Like so windy you think your hair is going to be blown right off your head. You can walk around and around the geographical site, imagining the people that lived atop this mountain thousands of years ago, what their lives must have been like, and how they kept their hair in place.

glick getting into greek god character.
2,000 year old dick graffiti


The night before we left, we scooted up to the top of the island, Fira. We finally made it in time for sunset! Watching it slip down over the horizon while sitting at a bar with a drink in hand was a fantastic way to close out a vacation. The sidewalks were crowded with tourists trying to get the perfect sunset picture. After the last rays of light disappeared everybody clapped.

en route to fira.
beautiful fira sunset
greek church set against the approaching night sky.

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