Carbo-loading in Roma

Rome, Rome, Rome. If ever there was a place to throw off the shackles of a low-carb diet, this city would be it. Once you step off the airplane in Italy, be prepared to eat like there’s no one watching. What’s even better is with all the walking you’ll be doing traversing the historic cobbled streets, you’ll feel entitled to that second helping of carbonara, that 4th glass of wine, that 8th scoop of gelato. And anyway, you’re on vacation damnit, and you’ve traveled like 12 hours to get here, so you’d better believe all that bread is getting eaten.

Alright, let’s get all the pictures of historically significant locations out of the way first.

Pro tip: the line into the Colloseum is about 2 years long. “Guides” outside get you inside for a $13 charge, which comes with a 10 minute history lesson. Sounds a bit steep, but boy oh boy it is worth it.
Russell Crowe was nowhere to be found.

After all the obligatory sight seeing was out of the way, we got down to business. First stop: lunch at a sweet little café, our first taste of Rome including a caprese salad, flat bread and wine.


For dinner that night, we were told to walk about 45 minutes out of the city center to a restaurant that the desk attendant at our hotel assured was the best ever. The only reservation was at 8, a little late for our earlybird American stomachs, but it was worth it. The stroll over was beautiful, and we passed over a bridge as the sun was setting and the little shops along the side were just getting started.

En route to the restaurant
Pasta one: Mimosa ravioli. A just-thick-enough sauce surrounding homemade, veggie stuffed raviolis.
Pasta two: beefy, tomato-y carbonara, served piping hot out of the pans they were cooked in.

After pastas one and two (and lots of wine and bread of course), our waiter asked if we were ready for the main course. At this point, our bellies had not yet expanded enough for a full blown Italian meal, so we had to beg him to bring us the check, promising that we would be back again.

After a drink and a little walking we did come back, but this time for dessert. We felt a little silly about returning to the same place we had just eaten at an hour earlier, but we nee(eeeeeeeee)ded some chocolate in our faces. Immediately. We got a light, fluffy, amazing cake and the chocolate mousse below. Bonjorno, Italy.

Coffee and chocolate = happiness.

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