Giving Thanks in Dublin

Now that I’d been in India for a whole two months, I figured it was time for me to get out.  I think holidays are kind of a bummer when you’re living abroad and missing out on all the friends and family festivities, so I hopped a plane to Ireland to visit my brother and sister-in-law.  I had been to Ireland before but it seemed so much more amazing this time around. Real beer! Water you can drink from the faucet!  A plethora of cheeses! SO MUCH MEAT.  I was in hog heaven (yeah, I know, I’m sorry about that one too).

What follows is pretty much me raving about the food like a pre-teen with Bieber fever.  If you need a visual of what the symptoms of this disease include, take a look at this hilarious video!  That was me…except with more twirling.

Is there anything Guiness can’t do?

The first thing I did upon arriving in Dublin (after sleeping off that 13 hour flight and 8 hour time change) was go to a pub for a pint.  People will tell you that Guinness tastes better in Ireland and I would have to agree.  Partially because I don’t often drink Guinness anywhere else.  But also because when you’re sitting in a dark, wood paneled bar that looks old enough to have served St. Patrick himself a few rounds, it just tasted delicious and so right.  A glass (half pint) is just the right amount of stout to keep you going on a long, winding walk through the city.

Things I love about Dublin and spending a holiday there include:

Pumpkin pancakes. oh yum.
Homemade fish pie. yum to the 4th degree.
Snuggling the cat. Sorry future kids, your mom is a real weirdo.
Buying matching shirts with your SIL.

It was so wonderful to hang out with family, bake cupcakes and watch American football. What was even better was the chilly weather…at a crisp 45 degrees F, it was downright cold.  I actually didn’t have a coat (India was still 90 degrees on a daily basis when I left), so I had to wear Jessica’s like a hand-me-down jerk.   Dublin is one of the most walkable cities in Europe and strolling the streets was so fun and relaxing, we would pop into different stores just to look around.  When we walked into the Cheesemonger, I almost had a happiness heart attack.  The samples were flowing like a Saturday at Sam’s Club.  It was amazing.

Stopping to smell the flowers
Strolling through Dublin
Pig heads for sale. Get yo pig heads over here!

My brother and his wife are a couple of foodies, so each night was like a little culinary jaunt , their bookshelves filled with cookbooks paving the way.  Finally Thanksgiving came and we spent the morning drinking coffee and cooking up a storm.  After inhaling my food in a record 3 minutes, we lounged around the living room watching American football and netflix.  I was officially in heaven.

Turkey Day Table



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